How to encourage employees to report misconduct

There is little point in having a whistleblowing policy and reporting channels if no one is going to use them. Follow these essential tips to encourage your employees to speak up and report internally.

Insights from Whistlelink’s VP of Strategy & Growth

In this interview, hear how the companies Whistlelink speaks to are responding to the Directive’s requirements. Especially as the implementation deadline looms. Also, get updates on where countries are up to in adopting the Directive into national law, and discover which trending topic clients are telling us is appearing in whistleblowing reports. Q. What is […]

EU Whistleblowing Directive FAQs answered

With only a few months left until it comes into force, you may still have questions about the EU Whistleblowing Directive and what it means for you.   To get quick and simple answers, we’ve put together the most frequently asked questions that we get from companies. Have a read and if you still have questions, […]

The state of whistleblowing in Italian journalism

We catch up with Gianluca Paolucci, the Italian journalist who is Deputy Editor-in-chief at our new partner, Dietro le quinte della finanza. A column in Italian daily newspaper, La Stampa.    Hear his thoughts on the current state of whistleblowing in Italian journalism, what it means to him and the partnership with Whistlelink.   Q. What is the current […]

Il whistleblowing nel giornalismo italiano

Intervistiamo Gianluca Paolucci, il giornalista italiano che gestisce il nostro nuovo partner, Dietro le quinte della finanza, la rubrica del quotidiano italiano La Stampa. Leggi la sua intervista sullo stato attuale del whistleblowing nel giornalismo italiano, cosa significa il whistleblowing per lui e la partnership con Whistlelink. Q. Qual è lo stato attuale del whistleblowing nel […]

Get started with whistleblowing implementation

Don’t let the requirements of a directive make implementation more challenging than it needs to be. With this simple guide, you’ll soon have the essentials to get your whistleblowing programme started. Get started Start by breaking implementation down into these three manageable steps. If you don’t have any of these in place, read on to […]

What is whistleblowing?

“Not everything that someone perceives to be wrong is whistleblowing.” Whistleblowing is only when the concern is in the public interest, i.e. the person reporting the wrongdoing believes it will affect others. Learn more.