All Ways Compliance is a Boutique Consulting firm focused on Compliance advisory matters providing the necessary support based on the main Pillars Prevention, Detection and Respond.

After many years working as Compliance Officers for international corporations, we have managed to identify the most common risk areas for businesses and the most efficient measures to mitigate those risks without affecting your company’s economic performance.

We believe that compliance is not an obstacle to business, but rather a competitive advantage when implemented correctly. That is why at All Ways Compliance we provide services that help our clients to comply with their legal and commercial obligations efficiently.

In a nutshell All Ways Compliance is currently offering the following Services:

1.- Whistleblower Channels:

– All Ways Compliance offers the IMPLEMENTATION of compliance channels that guarantees the anonymity and protection of the whistleblower, in accordance with the applicable EU regulations on Data Protection and Privacy.

– All Ways Compliance offers the MANAGEMENT of the Whistleblower channels for our customers, allowing us as a third party to review the potential allegations received, conduct a proper “Plausibility check” and inform our customer in order to organize an internal or external investigation to clarify the matter.

– Leaving the Management of the “Whistleblower Channel” in All Ways Compliance hands we ensure the correct, objective and impartial analysis of the allegation received as well as we protect our Customers of any potential “retaliation” that could arise if managed by themselves.

2.- Compliance Programs:

– An effective Compliance Program mitigates the risks of criminal and financial sanctions for the company and builds trust with customers and business partners.

– The All Ways Compliance team of experts will advise you on the design, creation and implementation of a Compliance Program tailored to your business’ demands, or in each of its constituent elements.

3.- Due Dilligence / Know your Customer:

Our Due Diligence (or KYC) process involves verifying and understanding who your customers, suppliers and business partners are and we review how they will conduct their transactions within our Customers.

Supported by the most prestigious and robust databases on the market, All Ways Compliance prepares detailed reports for its clients on potential customers and business that will serve to enforce the enhanced due diligence (KYC) required by the Spanish Legislation on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, thereby improving the decision-making processes