K-SOLUTION Paweł Górecki-Krokowicz is a company located in Piotrków Trybunalski, specializing in training public administration entities, business entities – both legal and sole proprietorships – as well as natural persons.

K-SOLUTION also operates in the consulting industry, and having over 26 years of experience in cooperation with the largest suppliers of energy resources in the world, it is a trusted consulting partner for every economic entity. The implementation of the WHISTLELINK system is a consequence of the constant need to adapt to the changing regulations of the European Union and national regulations. Our goal is to assist in the implementation of new normative acts and systems that fulfil this role.
We advise, train and connect.

Our company brings together people with experience and the necessary certificates confirming the scope of their skills – generally understood national and international law, national and international security, risk assessment, company policies, ecology and reduction of emissions of poisonous substances into the atmosphere, innovative systems for obtaining electricity, international trade, sea and river transport and much more. Our associates can boast of practical experience in operating outside the country, in military missions in various regions of the world, war zones and piracy areas, implementation of IT systems, classified information and many others.

At K-SOLUTION, we offer comprehensive implementations – we do not limit ourselves only to offering the product, but also take responsibility for its functioning, training in operation, adaptation of the company’s documentation, and certification. Below you can see selected areas of our activity. For more information, please visit our corporate website: https://k-solution.co. A sample application form can be found at: https://ksolution.www.whistlelink.com.