EU General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR compliance

GAP analysis, awareness trainings, DPO services, terms and conditions, privacy policies, data retention policies, consent, contracts, internal documents and analysis, legitimate interest analysis, data protection impact assessments.

• Compliance programs
Setting up compliance program, training of employees, internal acts and audits, risk assessments, compliance of new technologies.
• Information security
Technical and organisational measures, risk assessments, data breaches, ISO 27001 compliance, NIS Directive compliance.
• Agreements
Fintech partnership agreements, licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, data processing agreements.
• IP and trade secret protection and strategies
Internal acts, investigations, codes of conducts, agreements and licenses.
• Codes of ethics and whistle-blowers schemes
Compliance policies and audits, whistleblowers portal, internal acts and audits, traning of employees, communication with regulatory authorities.
• AML/KYC compliance
Risk assessment, KYC forms, due dilligence, internal acts and audits, training of employees.