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Partner interview with Mateusz Grosicki, Graś i Wspólnicy Law Firm, Poland

Whistleblowing Poland

In today’s interview with Whistlelink partner Graś i Wspólnicy Law Firm, Poland, we’ll hear Advocate Mateusz Grosicki talk about the advantages of implementing a whistleblowing channel, and the increasing interest in ethics and compliance in Polish companies.

Advocate Mateusz Grosicki – partner

Certified Data Protection Officer, auditor, specialist in the field of implementation and auditing of RODO (local GDPR), AML / CFT procedures as well as implementation of labor law policies and the creation of corporate codes of ethics and corruption prevention. As part of his practice, he deals with criminal and economic criminal law (so-called white collar crimes). He actively participates as an expert in the work of parliamentary committees in the course of ongoing legislative work. Mateusz is a speaker at industry conferences such as Welconomy Forum in Toruń, Invest Cuffs, Artists against hate, and actively works at the Stop Hejterom! Foundation. For his activities, he was nominated in the RISING STARS Lawyers – leaders of tomorrow 2021 competition.

1. Please tell us about your company

Our Law Firm operates in the Polish market and offers comprehensive legal services for individual clients and business entities, adapted to the complex and dynamically changing market conditions. Established in 2014, we currently have over 60 qualified lawyers and offices in Warsaw, Piła, Wrocław, Białystok, Poznań, Kielce and Kraków. We advise in the following areas: real estate law and investment process, new technologies, tax law, energy law, company law, bankruptcy law, civil law, criminal law, penal and fiscal law, family law, labor law, AML / CFT, GDPR and in matters related to whistleblowing in Poland.

2. What big changes do you see in organisations approach to whistleblowing?

In recent years, Polish entrepreneurs have become increasingly interested in organizational culture, which undoubtedly has an impact on workplace satisfaction and employee efficiency. Thus, codes of ethics, anti-bullying, and anti-discrimination policies and, above all, whistleblowing procedures are growing significantly. Management staff are increasingly paying more attention to adopting procedures that define and uphold the values ​​that guide their company. They also ensure the necessary processes and resources are in place to implement these procedures.

3. What are the most common reasons why your clients want to implement a whistleblowing system?

Of course, there are several reasons and the motivations that appear among customers are different. The most common reason why entrepreneurs want to implement whistleblowing procedures with whom I meet in my daily work is, apart from the necessity to fulfill the legal obligation, building strong competitive companies, as well as protecting reputation. It should be emphasized that implementing an effective whistleblowing solution allows you to protect your reputation, exclude toxic employees, or remove misconduct and adverse events.

4. Can organisations benefit from implementing reporting channels before they are incorporated into national whistleblowing law?

In Poland, unfortunately, we are still waiting for the law on whistleblowing to be passed. The deadline set by the European Union for the implementation of the provisions on whistleblower protection expired on December 17, 2021. However, nothing stands in the way of implementing procedures and reporting channels before the act is passed. There are numerous advantages of implementing procedures and reporting channels. These include not only streaming reports through internal channels instead of directly to the offices that control us, but also increasing the employer’s reputation with an employee who will appreciate the possibility of safe and confidential reporting of irregularities.

As I mentioned earlier, security, ensuring not only anonymity but, above all, confidentiality of the whistleblower is key in choosing the reporting channel. In the process of selecting a legal and technological partner for an organization, it is important to work with a trusted entity that takes care of these issues. Whistlelink is a good solution for our clients precisely because it focuses on security, system functionality and cares about data protection in the context of personal data protection (GDPR).

Please visit their website to learn more about Graś i Wspólnicy Law Firm.

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