DGE Bruxelles Consulting Group

DGE Bruxelles Consulting Group is a highly qualified consultancy firm of European origin whose objective is to offer high added value services to its clients. The Spanish subsidiary was established in Madrid in January 2002 and currently has a presence through associated offices in several provinces of the country. The firm’s main areas of work […]


DMA Compliance is a law firm specialized in Compliance and Data Protection with more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of regulatory compliance programs. The specialization of our professionals allows us to give our clients a 360 service that includes legal advice, the implementation of compliance programs, the outsourcing of the Compliance Officer, […]

Ceca Magán Abogados

Ceca Magán Abogados is a Spanish leading law firm in the provision of legal advice to companies. Our firm has lawyers with own style #EstiloCeca Founded in 1973, currently we are ranked among the top 20 greatest firms in Spain. Our lawyers, specialists in various areas, are classified by the most prestigious International Directories, such […]

Setesca BCN, S.L.

A large part of the SETESCA Group concerns improving the relationship with the customer via a series of tools to assist the directors and technicians in developing an approach of continuous improvement and also relate to the strategic planning of company’s own supply chain. From a perspective of innovation and adaptation to understand the new […]


ECIJA is listed among the top 5 independent law firms in Spain by global revenue, with 150 partners, more than 800 professionals and 27 offices in 16 countries. Our Compliance and Corporate crime law team boasts a high degree of expertise and a wealth of professional experience in the defence of the interests of individuals […]

CPL Compliance Consulting

CPL Consulting it’s a multidisciplinary company of lawyers and economists that put its combined knowledge to the service of compliance. CPL Consulting offers both the creation and implementation of certifiable Compliance Programmes specialised in spanish criminal law. We cover the whole spectrum of compliance. You can go big and let us create the whole compliance […]

All Ways Compliance SL

All Ways Compliance is a Boutique Consulting firm focused on Compliance advisory matters providing the necessary support based on the main Pillars Prevention, Detection and Respond. After many years working as Compliance Officers for international corporations, we have managed to identify the most common risk areas for businesses and the most efficient measures to mitigate […]

Sans Abogados

Do you want a hands-on lawyer with a personal approach? Celso Sans is a lawyer and legal advisor who has been committed for 39 years to help clients avoid issues or unravel them in a timely manner, always having their interests at the core. This year, companies will have to review and expand their Compliance […]