Kvamme Associates

The team at Kvamme Associates has a vast experience in fact-finding and root cause analyses of threats to organizations and democracy as well as preventive initiatives through extensive expertise in Economic Crime Investigations, Anti-Corruption Compliance, including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act matters and World Bank Compliance Monitorship and Anti-Money Laundering. Kvamme Associates are specialized in: Fact […]

Cyberwatch Finland

Cyberwatch Finland offers strategic cyber security services for state-level operations, corporations and organisations, based on a holistic view of the cyber world and hybrid threats. Cyber security strategies, risk analysis and roadmaps Strategic situational awareness to support management and decision-making Strategic analysis of the developments in the cyber world AI-powered analysis and information services based […]

Morris Law

In an industry that is steeped in tradition, we are forging our own path. This is based on the belief that the law can be made more transparent and presented in a better way, that payment models can and will be reviewed and challenged, that new technology is there to be used, and that business […]