Partner interview with Alexandra Mota Gomes, Partner at Antas da Cunha, Portugal

Antas de Cunha ECIJA, new whistleblowing law in Portugal.

In this interview we speak with Alexandra Mota Gomes, from the law firm Antas da Cunha ECIJA, Portugal, to learn more about whistleblowing in Portugal. She discusses the differences between the EU Whistleblowing Directive and the national whistleblower law in Portugal, which came into effect on 18 June 2022. For the interview in Portuguese, please […]

Partner interview with Mateusz Grosicki, Graś i Wspólnicy Law Firm, Poland

Whistleblowing Poland

In today’s interview with Whistlelink partner Graś i Wspólnicy Law Firm, Poland, we’ll hear Advocate Mateusz Grosicki talk about the advantages of implementing a whistleblowing channel, and the increasing interest in ethics and compliance in Polish companies. Advocate Mateusz Grosicki – partner Certified Data Protection Officer, auditor, specialist in the field of implementation and auditing […]

Interview with Whistlelink partner Mariański Group, Poland 

whistleblowing poland

In this interview with Whistlelink’s partner Mariański Group in Poland, we will hear Legal Counsel Monika Błońska (Partner at Mariański Group) and Attorney Bartosz Rodak (leader of the whistleblowing section at Mariański Group) discuss the approach to whistleblowing by Polish companies, and what impact the national whistleblowing law in Poland might have on organisations.  1. […]

Interview with Whistlelink partner Helge Kvamme from Kvamme Associates, Norway


In this interview with Helge Kvamme from Kvamme Associates AS, based in Oslo, Norway, we hear how the Norwegian Working Environment Act, which relates to whistleblowing, both aligns and differs from the EU Whistleblowing Directive. Read how there’s a movement regarding corporate investigations that, in addition to eventual disciplinary measures, leading more proactively towards building […]

Interview with Martin Dimitrov, from Bulgarian law firm, Tzvetkova & Partners

Whistleblowing in Bulgaria: Martin Dimitrov from Tzvetkova & partners.

In this interview, read what impact lawyer Martin Dimitrov, from Tzvetkova & Partners, believes the EU Whistleblowing Directive will have on organisations. If and what differences the whistleblowing law in Bulgaria will include, and how he believes Whistlelink will help organisations not only meet the directive, but also encourage internal reporting. For the interview in […]

Interview with Pilar Mayer-Koukol from Austrian partner Paulitsch Law

Whistleblowing with Paulitsch Law.

In this interview with Pilar Mayer-Koukol from our partner Paulitsch Law in Austria, who has extensive experience in dealing with whistleblowing reports, learn how important it is to ensure whistleblowers are protected with a clear and comprehensive law, and how having an anonymous whistleblowing system reduce hurdles and potentially misconduct happening in the first place. […]

Interview with our Spanish Partner César Zarate, ECIJA

EU Whistleblowing Directive: An interview with our Spanish Partner César Zarate, Ecija.

In our interview with César Zarate, Partner at ECIJA, we learn more about the impact of the EU Whistleblowing Directive on whistleblower protection. We also talk about Spain’s existing Criminal Code, that already requires companies to have a crime prevention system. Our Partner tells us how implementing a whistleblowing channel can help organisations, and the […]

Adopting the Directive: Insights from Whistlelink’s VP of Strategy & Growth

In this interview, hear how the companies Whistlelink speaks to are responding to the Directive’s requirements. Especially as the implementation deadline looms. Also, get updates on where countries are up to in adopting the Directive into national law, and discover which trending topic clients are telling us is appearing in whistleblowing reports. Q. What is […]

The state of whistleblowing in Italian journalism

We catch up with Gianluca Paolucci, the Italian journalist who is Deputy Editor-in-chief at our partner, Dietro le quinte della finanza. A column in Italian daily newspaper, La Stampa. Hear his thoughts on the current state of whistleblowing in Italian journalism, what it means to him and the partnership with Whistlelink. Q. What is the current state of […]